Do you want to sell your car quickly and profitably?

We offer you the best price for your car and complete the deal in less than 15 minutes.

How does it work?


Fill out the application form, add all the necessary information about your car.


We will offer you an initial price by phone or email.


Come to us for an evaluation or our evaluator will come to you, after the inspection you will receive a final offer.


Prepare all the necessary documents, get money immediately in cash or by transfer.

What kind of cars do we buy?

without technical inspection

in need of repair

good condition, quick sale

in leasing or loan

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Why choose us?

There are many ways to sell a car, but we offer the most convenient and easiest

Buy fast

Speed ​​and trust are our priority. We can buy a car over the phone in less than 15 minutes, offering a fast, safe and productive solution for all customers.

Fair price

It is in our interest to find a compromise, taking into account the actual condition of the car and offer the maximum price.


Sell ​​your car in 3 clicks. Just fill out the form and we'll do the rest. It's completely free for you.


We format all the documents ourselves without making any legal mistakes. Based on years of experience, it is not difficult for us to find a solution for any type of contract.

Do you know who wants to sell a car?

Let us know if your friend wants to sell a car or just posted a recent ad. We do not buy cars at market price.

In the event of a successful car purchase, we will thank you with a commission of €100.


Jah, autot on võimalik müüa taotlemise päeval. Kui olete meie hinnapakkumisega rahul, oleme valmis auto kohe ostma. Tasumine toimub kohe peale ostu-müügilepingu allkirjastamist.

Official car dealerships can offer the best price only for new cars or trade-ins. We, on the other hand, are interested in buying cars of every class, which is why we will make you a better offer. Ask for a quote to see for yourself.

Kogu auto müügiprotsess ei kesta tavaliselt rohkem kui pool tundi. Mõningatel üksikjuhtudel võib kuluda rohkem kui 1 tund.

Eesti turul pakuvad auto kiirostuteenust paljud ettevõtted. Kõik teenused on head ja igaühel on nii häid kui ka halbu külgi. KUL AUTO unikaalsus seisneb selles, et pakume täna autole reaalset hinda ja selgitame faktidega, kui palju konkreetse auto taastamine maksma läheb, kuna ostame autosid renoveerimiseks, mitte isiklikuks otstarbeks.

Muidugi saate oma auto maha müüa kodust lahkumata. Saatke meile päring koos täieliku infoga auto kohta, laadige üles võimalikult palju fotosid, kus saaksime täpsemalt näha kere ja salongi seisukorda ning olla hämmastunud auto tehnilisest seisukorrast. Pärast seda võtab meie spetsialist teiega ühendust ja teeb eelpakkumise. Mõlema poole huvi korral tuleb meie spetsialist teie juurde ja ostab auto ära.

A technical passport and an identity document are required. Sales contracts are drawn up by our specialists on site.

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